Elizabeth Ribons...

is a lifelong Entrepreneur, Founder, Career & Life Strategist, podcast host & speaker who encourages her audience to not only embrace change, but to find ways to create it and leverage it- resulting in a dynamic life, business and career.

Change is uncertain.

What is certain in life and career, is we can expect to experience disruption and change...Setting a framework to create and leverage it is essential.

From launching and owning businesses, mentoring many into their own business,  taking ideas to reality for over 25 years -utilizing a proven process, Elizabeth empowers her audience, members, and clients, by sharing methods to embrace change to remain relevant.

Our lives, businesses, and the world are changing at a rapid pace.  How do we keep up?

 "By sharing methods, tools and processess to identify change as an opportunity and leveraging it - We can create a life where we can live and work dynamically and thrive."     - Elizabeth 


Develop the skills to change as your wants and life change...

NEXT Career & Life offers support through teachings,tools and resources to remain dynamic in busines, career and life. Empowering our members with a process to continue to create and develop their careers and businesses,  and make positive changes in how they live and work - leaving them with a greater sense of who they are, their purpose, and what defines them.

by applying these strategies and tools in business, they learn key factors of setting themselves apart through a clear grasp of human-centered, leadership, branding and service.


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