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Podcast Reviews

""Elizabeth has put together an AMAZING RESOURCE for women who are old enough to know they want more out of life, but not quite sure how to get there!! What Elizabeth offers us is the possibility that it's not too late""

Allison Jeffereys
Divorce Coach

""Great series of podcasts, chock-full of information and resources that I can apply to my life. Inspiring stories and help to change my mindset toward happiness and success. Liz is an incredible interviewer and brings out the best tips and ideas fromher subjects""

Kat Kras

""...Change, while being the only true constant, can be challenging. Elizabeth is providing so many supported resources and plenty of inspiration for anyone looking for their NEXT""

Rockin Manager

""I am loving these podcasts!!.... Elizabeth is an excellent interviewer and I love her format - focusing on women who have met struggles along their career paths and roads to personal growth - but have been able to overcome. ""


Remaining Dynamic In Career & Life

As a lifelong entrepreneur and with over one hundred thousand hours of design solutions applied to navigating life and business, Elizabeth has developed a perspective that leverages change to encompass life and career that she now shares through her speaking, courses, webinars, and podcast. 

 Our lives, business and the world are changing at a rapid pace...How do we keep up? How can we remain relevant?

She is passionate about inspiring and empowering her audience to remain dynamic in career and life and shares insight, knowledge, and proven processes on how we can live and work successfully while managing change.




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Your BEST Life

I am an entrepreneur who worked hard and accomplished my dreams early on, but faced life challenges I hadn’t expected or considered.  What I thought would define success had changed and so did my life…I then realized I wasn’t alone in this struggle in life and career -  to remain relevant, meeting change and challenges.

To live the life I had envisioned, I had to develop a process, while knowing myself and goals, to create the life and career that worked for me. Now, I am sharing this journey (and my process) so others can gain these tools to continue to remain dynamic and relevant in life and career.


Elizabeth's WHY