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""Now more than ever, we are experiencing rapid change in career and life. As women, we pause our careers for family, change lanes in life, age out of a career or need a new path...Or a source of income. How can I start again? I wasn't planning on this. What is my next step? What should I do?"

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Embracing change as an opportunity and resilience as a key to success in life and career, Elizabeth draws on her own journey of multiple reinventions. With over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, mentor , speaker and consultant  she shares her journey to empower and inspire resilience and reinvention. 

Through her message, podcast,  events and network, Elizabeth endeavors to both uncover and identify key factors in each story or experience to encourage  others to consider what they have achieved and how they  want to live,  and that they can pivot that into their NEXT.

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