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"Our businesses, career and lives are changing more now than ever. How do we keep up in the market, earn, live and remain relevant both in business and career? In my inspiring and empowering talks, I share strategies and methods to leverage change so we can become dynamic and thrive." - Elizabeth

The Sustainable Life & Career

How we can develop a strategy, and skills and utilize these actionable tips to gain agency throughout your career journey.



Be The Game Changer

What's Next? Essential practices for business and careers in today's world. Identify areas where you are able to leverage, remain nimble, create, implement, access, and grow again and again 

Developing Your Brand - YOU

Develop the habits to help you move in and out of life as it changes. Learn how to navigate a multi-stage life & career, or continue to find success in your business with skills you can employ again and again.  



Understanding soft skills and design thinking and why they are so important now and going forward as we move in and out of life.  How are these skills valuable to an employer?  To your business?  How can you develop them?


Live, Virtual, Seminars, Recorded and Workshops

UCLA - ARCH ED - Graduating Class . ASID LA Keynote and Seminars . CAPID Group . Keynote and Seminars . Featured on several podcasts including: BRA Network, Prosper For Purpose, Invest In Her, and NEXT podcast.  805 Live and  Seminars . Workshops. 


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